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seek for the lessons

All our people loved their dead President. His kindly nature and lovable traits of character, and his amiable consideration for all about him will long live in the minds and hearts of his countrymen. He loved them in return with such patriotism and unselfishness that in this hour of their grief and humiliation he would say to them: ‘It is God’s will; I am content. If there is a lesson in my life of death, let it be taught to those who still live, and leave the destiny of their country in their keeping.’ Let us, then, as our dead is buried out of our sight, seek for the lessons and the admonitions that may be suggested by the life and death which constitutes our theme.

Grover Cleveland, address to the students of Princeton University, The Authentic Life of President McKinley (1901)

Note: McKinley was elected to two terms, but he was assassinated shortly into his second term. These remarks are in response to his untimely death. McKinley, though obscure now, seems to have been widely-popular in his day.



We need Hawaii just as much and a good deal more than we did California.

William McKinley, remark to personal secretary George Cortelyou (1898)

Note: Today is the 170th anniversary of President William McKinley’s birthday. I’d guess that he is slightly better-known than Millard Fillmore, if not only because of Glee. And I have no idea if this comment was intended to be as funny as I find it. Especially given that I live in California these days 🙂 #occasionalpersonalcomment

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