A Note on Attribution

In 2011 The New York Times ran an article, “Falser Words Were Never Spoken,” by Brian Morton, that commented on the prolific, present-day tendency to rewrite, “tweak,” or simply falsify the words of famous thinkers. Morton noted that all over the internet, people are quoted as saying things they did not say.

I’ve seen this myself a thousand times—nowhere more frequently than pinterest and tumblr, I might add. Morton’s article really stuck with me; ever since then, I do my very best to properly quote and cite the quotations I use. This blog aims to do precisely that, as well. There are some quotes that are listed as “unsourced,” probably because I found them online and never found their original source, but for the most part, I will make every attempt to accurately cite quotes.

If you have a correction to any quote or citation, please please please let me know. Thank you!