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public opinion

…that great compound of folly, weakness, prejudice, wrong feeling, right feeling, obstinacy, and newspaper paragraphs which is called public opinion.

Robert Peel, letter to John Wilson Croker (1820)


the travel writer

The travel writer seeks the world we have lost—the lost valleys of the imagination.

Alexander Cockburn, “Bwana Vistas,” in Harper’s (1985)


newspaper people

Newspaper people love impossible dreams. I suppose we’re reckless sentimentalists. If we didn’t love impossible dreams, we would not still be working in an industry whose basic technology was developed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

R. W. Apple Jr., quoted by Stephanie Mansfield in, “The Power and the Portly: R.W. Apple, Jr. and The New York Times. ” Lear’s Magazine (1993)

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